2016 Best Buddies Tampa Bay Champions Gala @ The Vinoy

November 26, 2016


Best Buddies Champion of the Year Gala at the The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club A fun and heartwarming shoot…

PirateFoto & Scott Pooler are proud to be the official photographer for Best Buddies International in Tampa Bay.

Best Buddies Tampa Bay Florida Gala! Be sure to get involved in these awesome events and support friendships, jobs, and leadership development for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in your area! More info about the Champion of the Year Gala here: www.bestbuddiesflorida.org/tampachamp

This event happened at the beautiful Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club. 

The images below are a sample of the entire shoot – more images available on our Portfolio Page here: PirateFoto Best Buddies Champion 2016 Gala Photo Gallery

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Photos by: (C) Scott Pooler – FotoPirate PirateFoto.com https://www.facebook.com/piratefoto Gasparilla Media https://www.facebook.com/Gasparillamedia – Share & Tag at Will on Facebook! With WILD ABANDON! Downloads are made available for personal use only. Please do not republish commercially without written permission. – Always give Attribution to the original Photographer! #PirateFoto

By FotoPirate

The FotoPirate is Captain Scott Pooler, a real seafaring dog of the seven seas... The Captain began his photographic voyage as a young man and even was an assistant to the likes of the famous Arny Freytag of Playboy Magazine fame... Later shooting more tame subjects as a product and sometime wedding/fashion/portrait photographer. His seafaring resume' was earned as a Captain All Oceans Steam & Sail as he sailed for over 25 years on the briney main... Today ye FotoPirate is a Gasparilla Krewe member and a Social Media manager for many a Gasparilla Krewe pages and groups. He is also a member of The Leviathan and Official Photographer of the John Levique Pirate Festival.

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